Hello, I am Bri, and I am very cool.

I am studying fashion design.

I am in a band, as a bassist and co-vocalist.

I am agender, they/them. Trans, sexless, etc.

Ultimately, I am unemployed.
Today's mood is Robot Rock by Daft Punk.
And also the entire Tron: Legacy (2010) soundtrack.
Please talk to me about Tron (1982).
I have many Interests and Hobbies.

I love the gym >:) !!

I love the goth clubs and dancing (with enthusiasm). I listen to post-punk, new wave, gothic rock, synthpop, deathrock, a bit of noise, etc...

My favourite band is Depeche Mode!

I love Star Trek & Spock is the best.

My favourite movie is The Lost Boys (1987). Haha.

Majora's Mask speedruns are the pinnacle of human achievement. I also love Guilty Gear and Metal Gear.

And I really enjoy digital painting, as well as writing prose and poetry.