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What if we make out in the engine room? is an upcoming fashion collection. It's like a sexed-up 60's science fiction environmental set.

Particulate Whole is a fashion material project about the experience of being a moving and modular composite of cells in cycle.

Sexy is a moodboard of photography and poetry, compiled for this website's original debut while studying Fashion Communication.

Sacred disassembles a car radio. This page was also created for the website debut, though the project itself was pursued in 2021 studying Body Artefacts and Accessories.

Coming soon...

Fate-Strung is a story. Character profiles soon.
External Sites

Wordpress currently hosts the majority of digital artworks and I don't quite have the willpower to transfer them all over yet.

Wet Hay Mixtape is my poetry account on Twitter.
PDF Downloads

Kitty Dreams (2021) is a zine.

Wet Hay Mixtape (2019) collects the monthly art, poetry, and playlists of WHM from June - Dec 2019.

These next three are a bit old and just shy of 'cringe', but I've gotta respect my past self for making them.
Steel (2018) is a collection of illustrated poetry.
Recur.1 (2018) is a collection of angsty poetry.
42Dreams (2018) is a selection of (actual) dreams.